We would like to invite you to Brno - the most friendly city in the Czech Republic.

Where we will sleep?
The accomodation will be in Hotel Palacký :)

What are we going to do?
The D day will, of course, be the Saturday. We will begin with breakfast, then move to the plenary rooms to share some news. We believe that after the discussion is everybody going to be hungry, so we will go for a lunch to a nice restaurant :) After that we decide to show you our "diamond" - The Špiblerk Castle. The panorama from there is amazing and is definitely worth to see. Afterwards we'll guide you from the castle through the city center to our beautiful cathedral and we'll finish the afternoon in our biggest park Lužánky. There will be some time for relax, games and discussions. Before the afterparty we are going to end the day with a firework - the last one from the firework festival Ignis Brunensis.

What if you would like to come on Friday and leave on Sunday?
That's not a problem for us :) The accomodation will be reserved from Friday - Sunday.

15/06/2018 to 17/06/2018
To be announced, ca. 85€ (95€ non-members)
  • Everyone is invited.