Let’s quickly introduce the new Board.

Salih – The President
‘After my Erasmus in Helsinki hosted by ESN Helga, I have started ESN in 2010 with ESN Bilkent, Turkey as a local member where I was coordinating very first instances of large scale SocialErasmus activities which then as runner-up for ESN Awards. A year after, I was elected as WPA for the Turkish NB, where I’ve installed and configured Satellite 3.2 for all the 30+ sections, and provided local members with physical trainings and online tutorials in 2011. Besides having developed national web projects such as Wiki, Webshop and Showcase, I’ve also involved in producing PR materials for ESN Turkey. I created its widely used tulip logo, designed hoodies for AGMs and produced promotional videos for nation-wide events. In 2011 I also joined the IT Committee and developed international Webshop, Candidates Blog and ESNforms.

After my Erasmus for Placement in Slovakia in the summer of 2012, I was elected as NR of Turkey. During my mandate as NR, Turkey hosted 2 international events and became candidate for hosting the AGM in Ankara. No sections were expelled and we gained 3 new sections which are still members of our network. Turkey for the first time in its history established their national committees and elected project coordinators for SocialErasmus, Eduk8, LetsDoit and ExchangeAbility. Award and grant winning activities have had held.

In 2013, AGM Maribor, I was elected WPA in the International Board, I have managed projects like esncard.org, erasmusintern.org, Event Registration System, ESN Accounts (formerly known as Galaxy) and Satellite 4. A full-time web-developer was hired in the ESN office for the first time.

I finished my active ESN career as IT Committee Technical Chair where we changed the structure of the committee and switched to co-chairing from having a single chair, as well as forming smaller teams to give better recognition to the committee members. Overall I attended approximately 100 events representing various bodies of ESN. I have also chaired the SEEP 2015 in Izmir.

As an Alumni, I joined the SEEP Pescara and Alumni Medley Novi Sad in 2016 and AGM Thessaloniki in 2019.
Nowadays I am based in Antalya, Turkey where I work from home. As a president, looking forward to focus on increasing the visibility of our association and the engagement of our members through social media and keep supporting active sections with the Alumni Awards and any other opportunities.’

Hoang - The Treasurer
‘I have started my ESN career in 2014 with ESN MESA Munich and through the years I have been active at national and international levels. More recently I have been the Treasurer of ESN Alumni since 2020 and you might have met me at the Winter Medley in 2019.
I am based in Munich where I work in Finance and Treasury Management.’

Jasmin – The Board Member
Most of you know me, most of you know that I am in ESN since 2004 - being a Swiss at heart but still a founder of a German section. You also know that in 2018 and 2019 I had been Alumni president and stepped back in 2020.
Based in Frankfurt, Germany you can often find me with a pint of good beer and Swiss chocolate. This year I would like to focus on continuing the Alumni Award started last year.’

Markus – The Board Member
‘For those who I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet, I come from Germany, and I am active since 2000 at the oldest section of ESN Germany, ESN Bochum. In my time here I have nearly every job, except finance, mostly Local Representative (Network Coordinator) for many years.
On the international Level I was active from 2012 – 2016 at ComCom. In this time, I have made photos on some international events, and was part of the history book team.
As the Alumni I have been active in many Medleys so the chances are that we have met in person. In the Alumni Board you will often find me working on having ESN Alumni association representation at all relevant ESN events.’

Kasia – The Board Member
‘I have started my ESN journey back in 2010 when I have joined ESN Copenhagen as the Activity Group Officer. Some of the events I have taken part in include Danish NP Aarhus 2011 and Sea Battle Spring 2011.
Since 2016 I have been a member of ESN Alumni Association when I have attended the Alumni Medley in Novi Sad. Since then, I have been taking part in various initiatives (Employability Campaign, Gift Exchanges etc.).
Based in London, where I work in HR in the financial sector. As a board member I will work on communication, social media and the Alumni Award so you are likely to hear from me again

We would like to congratulate a new board and wish them all the best in their roles.
There is a number of exciting projects coming in the next few months. We will be working on the Alumni Award 2021 and the new Youtube project, for which we will need your input, so make sure you follow us on Facebook for more regular updates!