The year is comming to a close and it's time to renew your membership (or join if you're not a member)

How to renew/join

  • Log in on this site with your Galaxy id here.
  • Pay the membership fee 10€. Include your name and e-mail in the message field

With this membership fee, you will automatically become a member until the end of 2018. This gives you the right to take part in the association's general assemblies and the warm and proud feeling of remaining somehow in touch with the big ESN family!
Switzerland is a SEPA country but if there are still some make sure to cover the transfer fees, because if we recieve less than the membership fee we have to account it as a small donation. Also make sure you have an account here (by logging in) so that you can vote.

If you don't have a Galaxy id, create one and ask your former section to assign you an alumni role. If you encounter problems please use the contact form to contact the Alumni board

Here are the bank account's coordinates: